What it's all about


A work retreat for creative entrepreneurs and professionals. We march in to work, learn and play together. Bring your project, get knowledge and share inspiration. And surf, if you want.


Knowledge & Inspiration
Attend expert keynotes
Share ideas & inspiration
Bring, discuss & push your projects


The Villa
Move into our surfing villa with us. Located in the scenic hills near the surf spot Praia São Julião, just 10 minutes from Ericeira.

Network & Exchange
Hang out with like minded pros
Create new business opportunities
Meet local entrepreneurs


The Town
Ericeira is a charming seaside community in the proximity of Lisbon studded with lively bars, restaurants and great surf.


Activity & Culture
Surf sessions & courses
Yoga & outdoor activities
Enjoy the local landscape & culture


World Surfing Reserve
Named Europe's 1st surf reserve Ericeira is blessed with great waves. No matter if beginner or charger: You'll get your blast!