7 reasons why our retreats will push your business

Let's face it: A Nomad Earth Spaces retreat is not an idle vacation trip (sorry guys, this is serious business gig). There are - for sure - the odd lazy sundowners and there are - of course - those action loaded surf sessions that you normally seek for on your holiday trip. But every retreat's main goal is to help pushing and growing your business .
Here are 7 reasons why.

  1. You will hang out with and learn from like minded, experienced entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world. The Nomad Earth Spaces retreats are not a beginner's dish, they are the real hot and spicy curry. 
  2. Create new business opportunities together with others. There will be no better way to really get in touch and spend valuable time with great pros with the same mindset offering priceless skills.
  3. Attend the big set of keynotes and workshops during the week to build special skills, open your mind for new solutions and crack your stuck moments.
  4. You will have plenty of opportunities to present and get feedback on your business case, product and your business challenges. All guests and as well as the hosting team will be here to discuss and develop solutions with you in the big group or in small one-on-one sessions. 
  5. Learn from others and help each other by attending their sessions. Sometimes other guests might not seem to have anything to do with your business at the first glance but most entrepreneurs and professionals face similar problems on their way. It's a great opportunity to take yourself out of the box and receive input from professionals from whole different disciplines and branches.
  6. Open your mind and rejuvenate in energetic conversations with top experts in a laid back beach atmosphere in a fascinating country.
  7. Clear your mind and refocus during our free surf and surf teaching sessions or make up great new strategies while strolling along the beach or through the charming fishing village of Ericeira.