no rocket science but true...


We have always shared a passion for traveling, meeting inspiring people and working on challenging projects - at the same time. 


The idea to the Nomad Earth Space crept into our brains during the post-production for our documentary The Old, the Young & the Sea: Squeezed into a tiny and stuffy editing room that felt like an idea killing coffin we terribly missed the ocean, missed traveling and meeting like minded people for a mini retirement and to reignite the fire. 

...so why not do our post-production at a place by the sea? Thinking of taking our work to a different place felt like a mindful bliss. Exchanging our editing hardships with other inspiring people working on similar projects. To share knowledge and inspiration, to have a good time with work and surf. To recharge batteries without going on vacation. Back than it had to be carved in wood as our vision (oh boy we were pretty broke) - but we promised to do it next time.

Now is next time. Lucky chaps as we are, everything comes together now: Austrian Surf(camp) legend Martin Roll offered us to rent his cosy Portuguese surf villa in Ericeira. To get things rolling we teamed up with our long time travel fellow and project wizard Robert Lecker to create a retreat we always wanted to experience: An exceptional space to co-work, exchange knowledge, surf & live together. As the villa is big the next step was obvious: Let's flock together some more birds of a feather!

join us, Take A Grip on your work and spend some inspirational days with us! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot US a mail!

Your Space Shuttle Crew (without 'Houston, we got a problem')


robert lecker

Andreas Jaritz
Founder Nomad Earth Media

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Robert Lecker
Founder Nomad Earth /Spaces 

martin roll

Martin Roll
Booking, Hospitality, Surf

Mario Hainzl
Founder Nomad Earth Media


Vanessa Kröll
Project Development & Creation