What you always wanted to know about our retreats


What's a /Space and why is it so special?

A /Space is a multiple day work retreat focusing on a dedicated topic. The program is partly curated by us. Attendees bring and work on their own projects but are invited to share, present and involve others. Imagine a combo of a conference, a TED event and a co-working space - with the warmth of a  living room and without the rush of a one-day-happening, It's a workation next to great (surf) beaches in company with a bunch of good inspiring folks. And the best: Enter it into your accounting :-)


Is it a vacation?

If you want yes. But generally /Spaces are working retreats to push your projects, learn, exchange knowledge and get inspiration. But there will be more than enough time to chill and play too!


Can I bring kids, friends and my doggy?

Our booking team will check what's gonna work for you. Tell us briefly about your wishes and needs and we will try to sort it out for you.


Do you organize company retreats too? 

Si, that's what we do. Please drop us a line and describe what your are looking for and for how many people and we will see what we can do for you.


Can I stay before/after the retreat?

Please just tell us when you want to come and for how long you want to stay. We are happy to find a solution for you.

Who is it for? 

/Spaces are for freelancers, digital nomads, teams concentrating on a project, entrepreneurs and employees with remote working possibilities. Ah yeah, and not to forget the magic word: Startups are welcomed too! Enter our /Spaces if you are an ambitious open minded professional who is passionate about pushing own projects. We guess you are also willing to help and learn from others and help in exchange? Great, why not applying now?


How do I register?

To register please complete our application form. To approve your application we will come back to you within a couple of days. After sorting everything out with you in personal, you'll get an "official" booking and invoice by our partner travel agency, so that you bring it into your accounting.


How does payment work?

After approving your reservation you will receive a confirmation mail with an invoice you can bringt into your accounting. Please make sure to pay within 7 days to secure your reservation. If you need another payment method then bank transfer please get in touch with us.


I have more questions, who do I contact?

Just shoot us a mail with your questions no matter what it is and we will see how we can help you. If you want we can also setup a (skype) call.


Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do. For group reservations (3 guests min.), expanded stays and for multiple retreat bookings we can offer discounts.  


I'm no surfer, can I come?

For sure! Surfing is just an option (a wonderful one, indeed). If you like you can do a beginner's course if not, that's ok! The ocean has a lot to offer besides surfing! 

Do I have to work on other's projects? 

You don't have to work on other people's projects. But you are invited to share knowledge with others, help if you want, listen to other guest's presentations, team up or just give feedback. There will be sessions were everybody can present their project to other guests for feedback, finding partners or just to check if their idea works. /Spaces are created with the idea of sharing, participation and the passion for creation. And bootstrap new ventures.


What if I have to cancel?

Than we won't ever talk to you again. No, just kidding. If you need to cancel your booking please get in touch with us immediately. Depending on your date of cancellation you might get a refund. Please check our Terms and Conditions for details. 


What's included in a /Space package? 

If not indicated differently in the package details all Spaces contain accommodation, breakfast, access to all events and areas as well as access to the co-working areas.


Can I enter retreats into my accounting

Yes you can. /Spaces are 7-day events for professionals to work, share and build knowledge. All activities besides working on your own projects will help you to grow your professional network and skills.  


Do I have to bring my own surf gear?

Beginners and occassional surfers can rent equipment. Advanced surfers are recommended to bring their own gear.